Admission Procedure

·            Mention the admission test being followed,    :           Admission of the students are done through

name and address of the Test Agency and its            online admission counseling by Diploma

URL (website)                                                           Admission Cell, Govt. of Odisha, under the

                                                                                Chairmanship of the D.T.E. & T, Odisha, Cuttack

                                                                                and its website URL is : www.dterorissa.gov.in


·            Number of seats allotted to different Test      :           All the online admission counseling are done

Qualified candidate separately (AIEE/CET                  through Diploma Admission Cell, Govt. of

(State conducted test)/University tests/                      Odisha.

CMAT/GPAT)/Association conducted test


·            Calendar for admission against Management/vacant seats :


·         Last date of request for applications      :           20.06.2019


·         Last of date of submission of applications:        20.06.2019

·         Dates for announcing final results          :


·         Release of admission list                       :

(main list and waiting list shall be announced on the same day)


·         Date for acceptance by the candidate    :

(time given shall in no case shall be less than 15 days)


·         Last date for closing of admission         :           30.07.2019


·         Starting of the Academic session           :           15.07.2019


·         The waiting list shall be activated only    :

on the expiry of date of main list


·         The policy of refund of the fee               :           Strictly followed by the institute.

in case of withdrawal, shall be

clearly notified